What our Clients say!

Camera Ready and Ready to List

I recently had the opportunity to work with Joan while preparing my home for sale. Joan was strongly recommended by my realtor to help de-clutter, organize, and stage my home. On her first visit, Joan assessed the house and made suggestions on where to begin including rearranging furniture to make the house universally appealing and warm. When Joan came back for the second time a few days later, she helped tackle the partially finished basement which I had been struggling to find the best arrangement for. We spent the day moving the furniture and totally transformed the downstairs into a home office/ living room which ultimately led to the house going under contract in less than two days.

Joan is very friendly, relaxed, and never pushed me to get rid of things from the house during the cleaning/de-cluttering process. When it was time to stage the house, she used items that were already available instead of purchasing new stuff. She also came back the day the realtor took the listing photos to ensure the house was camera-ready and photographed well.

Working with Joan was such a great experience and I truly believe her genuinely caring approach and execution of her vision for the house is what made it so attractive to potential buyers.

LIttle Change Big Impact

My in laws are here for the first time and my father in law who is usually very mum on compliments raved the second he came in and saw the difference of the space. You know the unhinge of the jaw expression.... We could have picked his up off the floor. He just kept saying that it was such a little change to make a huge impact, a move of a few pieces of furniture... And I said its stayed de cluttered. It's peaceful now. We love being in the space now. We eat in our dining room and live in our family room. We reclaimed our space with your insight and reclaimed our home. And in decorating we only took out 1/3 of what we had. It just didn't need to be cluttered up. Pieces that bring back loving memories and smiles when we touch them and that my daughter loves- that was it. . Thank you for helping us!

Skeptic No More

To all the Feng Shui skeptics....here's a story for you.... I have been looking for a job as a teacher for the past 3 years. I changed many things in my career area that I thought would help (or so I thought). I only got one job interview in that 3 years and no job offers. This past month, Joan came to my house and gave me some tips. She said that my refrigerator was representing my career, a big block, stuck in the same space. In my eyes, I would never look at it like that, but her "feng shui" eyes made me see it differently. It made sense, so I tried her advice and moved the fridge to the other side of my kitchen. I added a few things to my career area to spruce it up and in less than a week I had gotten 2, not 1, but 2 interviews!!! Then a week after that I was offered a teaching position in my hometown! It sounds hard to believe, but it works. Best of all, it cost me no money, all I had to do was move some things around. It's worth a try. It worked for me

Open and Inviting

I have known Joan since our kids where in elementary school. I knew she was a Feng Shui consultant so when I needed help with my home years later, I knew who to call. She came over to my house and looked at each room and talked about principles of Feng Shui. I had blocked our back door with shelves of clutter and we had decided that we should work on that area first. She spent hours helping me de-clutter and work through this process. It was a wonderful feeling removing items I had held onto for years and never used. Our Living room was also transformed and now when you enter our home, it is has an open and inviting feeling. Thanks Joan!

Classroom Rescue

Just wanted to say thanks for coming to my classroom on Friday and putting a new perspective on things. I kept feeling very overwhelmed with the new space. By simply clearing off the tables, it helped the room feel more open and we were able to get a sense of where things belong. The room now feels less cluttered and even a little bigger, even though it has the same amount of stuff in it!

Motivating Experience

Thank you Joan !! Your visit to my house was very constructive, helpful and motivating!! I'm looking forward to getting started on those changes and hoping for positive outcomes with our goals -- thanks again, hope to talk to you again soon, all the best - Christine

Long Distance Consultation

Hey Joan! I can't thank you enough for doing a long distance consult for me and TJ! What a great idea to use texts and photo emails to get this done quickly and efficiently! Your ideas were practical and easy to implement! Let the energy flow through my wealth area!! Thanks again!

Change of Perspective

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! One of the key things I learned your workshop is that Feng Shui can guide a change in your perspective. As a Feng Shui novice, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but you have a way of simplifying this ancient practice and making it work in our everyday life. I appreciate your contagious energy and passion for educating others about Feng Shui. I look forward to incorporating what I learned in my home and NEW work space. Thanks again for a great learning experience!