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Joan Law is a certified Feng Shui consultant. She coaches, trains, and empowers clients to use simple Feng Shui techniques to enrich and improve all areas of their lives. Joan's unique view of Feng Shui has been influenced by her professional training as a systems analyst and her personal experience as a wife and mother. Joan has incorporated her Feng Shui knowledge in her own life while raising her four children. With over 17 years of experience studying and implementing methods and sharing her expertise, the results she produces are nothing less than incredible. Joan's background is the basis for creating and developing Feng Shui Joan's Way, which is a comprehensive resource for her clients.

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Just a few of the ways Feng Shui Joan's Way can work with you!

 Feng Shui Presentions


You and your guests will be instructed in the basics of Feng Shui and clutter clearing. As the host you will receive a 1 hour private consultation. Call or email for more information.

203-260-7770  fengshuijoansway@gmail.com



Feng Shui Joan's Way will now be offering classes at

The Family Room, LLC

 31 Cherry Street

Milford, CT 06460

Feng Shui Coaching

Designed to meet the needs of those looking to learn and incorporate Feng Shui into their lives at a greater level. Will include education on the history and origins of Feng Shui, addressing clutter, understanding key Feng Shui terms, use of the Bagua in mapping your space, identifying trouble spots, placement of furniture and cures and enhancements. Free intitial consultation to dertermine the needs of the client. Call for more details. 203-260-7770

Home Staging

Give your home the competitive advantage in the real estate market. Using the principles of Feng Shui  and Clutter Clearing we will give your home the appeal with the intention of a easy and speedy sale.


Feng Shui or Clutter Clearing Consultation

 Each client has different needs for their home, office or business. Please call 203-260-7770 for more information.




Joan has really changed my way of life. Whenever I'm thinking of purchasing something I say , "what would Joan say?"...and I walk away just a little richer, and a lot more clutter free!! Give her a call.





Joan has helped me realize problem areas in my home and how a little rearranging can make a huge impact and bring balance back. I can't wait to have her back!


 It's long overdue, but I just wanted to thank you,Joan, for helping me clean out my living room and dining room before my yard sale! I loved working with you and really appreciate how much hard work you put into getting things done efficiently...and for putting up with some of my decision-making process! I couldn't have done it without you. I hope I can hire you again in the near future to finish the house!!  

Dena, Stratford 


I meet Joan last week for a walk through of my home. What an awesome lady!!!! Extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy to talk to. A great consultation, lots of great suggestions and ideas..I have already tried some of her suggestions in a few different sections of my house. I can't wait to see what happens!!!!" Carol T., Trumbull  


I cannot say enough great things about Joan! She's come to my home a few times to help us declutter. To be honest, it took me a month to call her because I felt embarrassed I let my house get so messy. Now, after meeting Joan, that sounds so silly. She doesn't have an ounce of judgment in her and she truly wants to help you. After 27 bags donated and many to trash I can now say I no longer have anxiety about having company. Thanks again, Joan - Laura, Stratford